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那个网站有地方彩票:How to Draw a Lego Ninjago ninja

中原风采福彩开奖22 www.4kb30.cn Here's a special drawing lesson for all the fans of the Lego Ninjago movie. Follow these 17 simple steps to make your drawing skills just as awesome as the martial arts moves of the Lego ninjas in the movie. Have fun!?

Step 1

Start by drawing a circle. This will be your ninja's head.

Step 2

Add a curved rectangle that partially overlaps the circle. Add a small triangle at the bottom of the rectangle.

Step 3

Now add the torso of your Lego Ninjago. The torso is a trapezoid shape.

Step 4

Draw the upper arms and add a rectangle at the bottom of the trapezoid. The rectangle will be your Ninjago's belt.

Step 5

Draw the forarms to complete your Ninjago's arms. Starting from the middle of the belt, draw a slim vertical rectangle to divide the legs.

Step 6

Add two 'C's for the hands. Both of the C-shapes are turned 90 degrees. Add a larger rectangle under the belt, enveloping the small vertical rectangle we drew earlier.

Step 7

Under this rectangle you can add two squares to make the Lego ninja's legs. Partially erase the line dividing the lower and upper arm to make the ninja's sleeves.

Step 8

Draw the wrists to connect the hands to the forearms. Add two rectangles under the legs. Now your ninja has feet.

Step 9

The Ninjago ninjas wear full face masks, so the head is covered with fabric. Draw some curved lines around where the eyes will be to make an opening in the mask, so your ninja can see.

Step 10

The top part of the mask looks like the top of a star.

Step 11

Now add some wriggles to the sides of the mask. This will make it look more like it's made of fabric.

Step 12

A ninja has to have a sword. Or maybe even two swords for more power! The swords form a cross behind the character.

Step 13

After adding the eyes, add eyebrows to give your ninja a cool expression. Add some more detail to your ninja's body and legs.

Step 14

You can add as much detail as you like. Think up an awesome ninja outfit.

Step 15

Add some throwing knives or other ninja weapons!

Step 16

Add more details to your ninja armor!

Step 17

Add symbols and extra details to the body and costume: Your Ninjago Ninja is now ready for battle!


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