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河南22选5开奖号码:Drawing Facial Expressions: Fear

中原风采福彩开奖22 www.4kb30.cn This drawing lesson will show you how to make a face of a character who is afraid.?

Steps to draw a frightened face:?

  1. First print the pattern of the head by clicking the Print button at the bottom of the template page. This will serve as a basis for drawing expressive facial features.
  2. Draw a small black circle in each eye. It represents the pupil of the eye. Draw small enough giving the impression that the character is monitoring what is happening (do be careful that both eyes are looking in the same direction).
  3. Draw on top of each eye a line that runs diagonally, with both ends slightly raised. It represents the eyelid.
  4. Trace two smaller eyelid above diagonal lines and two other above and still further to make small wrinkles of anxiety.
  5. Just below the eyes, make two smaller arcs to represent dark circles.
  6. Then draw the mouth. It is quite complicated because it must be twisted, asymmetric and open. Draw a line in the middle to represent the clenched teeth. You can do several tests to see what works best for the expression of fear that you want to match.
  7. End by adding drops of sweat on the character's face and small ripples in vertical side of the face to show he trembles with fear.?

In this drawing, the main difficulty is to draw the mouth. But the mouth shows the difference between an anxiety expression and an expression of fear. So, do not hesitate to exaggerate the trait.?

Magnificent! You drew a very realistic frightened face!

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